Toothpaste is a key part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Along with your toothbrush and floss it helps to remove food debris and plaque from your teeth and gums.

It can come in a gel, paste or powder form. While the ingredients differ slightly, all toothpastes contain the same general components:

1-Mild abrasive. With some help from your toothbrush, these help to remove debris and surface stains.
2-Humectants. This ingredient helps to prevent water loss, and keeps your from drying out or getting gummy.
3-Flavoring agents. This is what gives your toothpaste a little bit of 4-sweetness, and that minty fresh scent. Since these do not contain sugar, they also do not promote tooth decay.
5-Thickening agents. Also known as binders, these help to stabilize the its formula.
6-Detergent. That foaming action comes from detergent. It also helps to spread the toothpaste through your whole mouth, and helps clean teeth.

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