About Us

Welcome to MedicJar.com, a revolutionary new way to shop online and get the things that you really want at prices you like!

We bring you new shopping products every day of big brand Cura, Swadeshi, Kudos, dabur and much more.

There are very limited quantities of each products, so you will need to get in quick! And the price? Well, the price will be much better than anywhere else you can find on the internet or in a normal shop. More often than not, we will be bringing you products that aren’t even available in at your nearest shops and shopping malls.

Just because our prices are amazing, doesn’t mean the quality of the products we sell is also cheap! We have an unbelievable network of suppliers that enable us to bring you great deals on the biggest brands from around the world. Almost all our products come with a full manufacturer warranty.


Retailers, Distributor & Manufacturers

If you have products you want to feature on MedicJar.com or you have extra inventory to lock up fast, join this amazing online shopping portal or talk to us today!


Please email info@medicjar.com or write to us through our contact us page if you have any queries.