Churan & Powder

Churna or Churan-powder, also known as ayurvedic powder is a group of ayurvedic medicines in which single herb or a specific number of herbs are ground to make a fine powder. In addition to herbs, Churna can also contain fine powder of salts, sugar, and other ayurvedic ingredients. Some ingredients like HING (Asafetida) may also be roasted before grinding them into a powder.

Preparation of Churna
Churna, ayurvadic Churan or churan-powder is prepared from dry and clean herbs. Before making churna, herbs are washed properly to remove dust. Some ingredients are dried in the sun and some are dry in the shade depending on the aromatic and volatile content of herbs.

Herbs are also checked for their quality if they are good, healthy and mature to make Churna. Herbs should also be checked for adulteration.

1-Clean and Dry herbs should be crushed into small pieces.
2-Grind each ingredient separately. Make a fine powder of each herb.
3-If churna is polyherbal, then weigh each ingredient and mix them together.

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